What is Occupy The Farms?

During the democratic strategies demonstrated by the OCCUPY movement to emphasize how 99% of the U.S. population is being controlled and exploited by 1% of the population, OCCUPYTHEFARMS arose.

OCCUPYTHEFARMS appreciates the forum the OCCUPY movement has created to highlight the wrongs of capitalism. More importantly, how these wrongs have resulted in schools closing in poor neighborhoods, thousands of jobs being lost, while the rich get richer.

OCCUPYTHEFARMS admits times are hard in this economy, however, times have been real hard for people who live in communities of color throughout the United States for centuries.

OCCUPYTHEFARMS realizes the importance of healthy food in strengthening these communities. Not only because all people should have access to healthy food, but rather all people should have the ability to feed themselves.

To promote communities towards being able to feed themselves, OCCUPYTHEFARMS has adopted The Healthy Economics Model for Self Development ( HEMSD). HEMSD is a systematic approach of partnering the educational system (our schools) and the food system (our farmers/gardeners) to promote community sustainability.

Uniting the Land Round Us For the People